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Prizes9 Homework Helper8 Reading Buddies8 Registration Fields7 Reports7 Communications Module6 Missions6 New Programs6 Prize Store6 Advanced Feature5 Gadget Options5 Logging5 Marketing5 Prize Raffles5 Theme5 Avatars4 Bingo4 Catalog4 Certificate4 Email4 Mini Games4 page layouts4 Reader's Advisory4 Reading List4 READsquared App4 Registration4 1000 Books Before Kindergarten3 Activities3 Badges3 Book List3 Book Recommendations3 Book Reviews3 Codes3 Direct Access Links3 Drawings3 Events3 help3 Import Programs3 Library Card Validation3 Media Library3 Mobile App3 Participant3 Participants3 Password Reset3 Patron Interface3 Points3 Profile Image3 Random Drawing3 Text Messages3 Theme Update3 Training3 Videos3 Active Programs2 Ad Hoc Report2 Adding Games2 Advanced Bingo2 Book Advisory Recommendations2 Book Cover Image2 Change2 Changing Password2 Coming Soon Banners2 Coming Soon Page2 Control Room2 Covers2 custom content2 Delete2 Drop Down Values2 Edit Log2 Email Settings2 Email Templates2 Entering Code2 Event Code2 Fall Programs2 FAMILY ACCOUNT2 family registration2 Forgot Password2 Gameboard2 Graphics2 Group Registration2 Hand Out2 Images2 Import Participants2 Link to Catalog2 look and feel2 Modifying Certificates2 No Winners2 Notifications2 Offers2 Patron Instructions2 PDF2 Prize Notification2 Prize Queue2 Program Completion Points2 Program Details2 Program End Date2 Program Setup2 Promotion2 Raffle2 Reading Activity Types2 Security2 Shared Graphics Library2 Staff Account2 Statistics2 Switch to User View2 Texting Options2 Updating Games2 Visual Tracker2 Welcome Email2 Winter Programs2 Access to Site1 Accidental purchase1 account setup1 Activity import1 Ad Hoc Reports1 Add a Mission1 Add Account1 add event1 Add User1 adding1 adding code1 Adding Family Members1 Adding Friends1 Adding Multiple Events1 Additional Badges1 Additional Information1 Additional Pages1 Additional Program Information1 Admin1 Admin Password1 admin site1 Admin User1 Administrator Access1 Advanced Features1 Advanced Missions1 Advanced Program Capabilities1 Advertising1 Age1 Ages1 All Programs1 Answers1 Author1 Award badges by activity1 Award points by activity1 badge appearance1 Badge Color1 Badge Only Graphics1 Badge Order1 badge prize1 Badge Rules1 Badges for Mini Games1 Bingo Setup1 Black and white1 book recommendation emails1 Book Review1 Branch Codes1 Branch Restricted Badges1 Branch Restriction1 Branch Setup1 browsers1 Buy Raffle Tickets1 Card Number1 Catalog URL Override1 Change Certificate Text Location1 Change colors1 change contact1 change email1 change email contact1 Change Fonts1 Change Name of Public or Secure Menus1 Change Raffle Ticket1 Change Tickets1 Change Wording1 Changing Raffle Tickets1 changing templates1 Changing the Program Name on Certificates1 Class1 Classes1 Clone1 Clone button1 Cloning Tool1 Completion Information1 Completion Statistics1 contact READsquared1 Contact Support1 Contacting All Participants1 Copy1 correcting1 Coupons1 create1 Create a Mission1 CSLP1 customize email1 Daycare1 Delete Mission1 Delete Raffle Tickets1 delete scheduled jobs1 Deleting bingo squares1 Demo1 Display Program in Tabs/Cards1 download1 Download History1 eBooks1 Edit1 Edit Mission1 Edit Points1 Edit Reading Activity1 Edit Reports1 edit scheduled jobs1 editing1 Editing Raffle Tickets1 Eligibility Requirements1 Email Friends1 email setup1 Emailing Eligible Patrons about Prize Store1 Emailing Eligible Patrons to Buy Raffle Tickets1 Emailing Patrons who bought Prizes1 Emailing Prize Store1 Emailing Raffle Ticket Winners1 Emails Bouncing1 Embed Surveys1 Enable/Disable Modules1 end registration1 End Time1 Enroll1 Error1 Export Mission1 Export Reports1 family account logging1 family accounts1 FAQ Page1 Filter1 find library1 Finished Book1 Flyer1 Forgot User ID1 Friends1 Game Board1 Games1 Google Translate1 greyscale1 Group Permissions1 Groups1 Hide Left Hand menu1 Hide Top Menu Item1 Home Page1 How to Use the App1 I Will Choose a Program Later1 ILS1 Image Override1 Image URL1 import1 import book list1 Import Events1 Import Missions1 Import Participants Spreadsheet1 Incentives1 Include Previous Winners1 Info Refresh Request1 Info/Help1 IP Address1 iRead1 ISBN1 Jackets1 Job Scheduler1 kids under 131 Leaderboards1 Left Menu Items1 Limit Program Registration by Branch1 Limited Prize Giveaway1 Linking Family Members1 Log Multiple Books at Once1 Log Out of App1 Logging Books1 Logging History1 Logging Minutes1 logging multiple books1 logging reading1 Logging Reminders1 Logging requires title author1 Logging Screen1 Logo1 Manage Prize Store Purchases1 Mapping1 Market Events1 Market Programs1 Menu Module1 Menus1 messages1 Mission Data1 Mission Reports1 Mobile Icons1 Moderate Reviews1 Moderating1 Moderating Reviews1 Modify1 more than one program1 Move text on Certificates1 Multiple Programs1 Multiple Reading Activity Types1 no adult program1 No Points Available to Buy Prizes1 No Program / Default / New Program1 Not Collecting Book Title/Author1 Notify of Upcoming Programs1 Notify Prize Raffle1 NoveList1 Onboarding1 Online Catalog (ILS) Interface1 Outcomes Measurements1 Override Prepackaged Text1 Page Turner Adventures1 Paper Logging1 Paper Participant1 parent account1 parent activation1 parent user id1 parents logging1 Participant Alert1 participant code1 Participant Data1 Participant Help1 Participant Instructions1 Participant Logging Report1 Participant Password1 Participant Points1 Participants Filters1 Participation1 Patron Account Settings1 Patron Chooses Completion1 Patron Goal Setting1 Patron Help1 Patron Logs1 Patron Questions1 Patron Submissions1 Patron Support1 Permissions1 Points for Book Reviews1 Points for Mini Games1 Premium Bingo1 Preregister1 Prerequisite Missions1 Print Certificate1 Print History1 Program Choice1 Program Dates1 Program End1 Program is Hidden1 Program Start Date1 Program Styles and Text1 Programs1 Promote1 Promoting1 public page1 Quick Add1 Quick Add & Complete1 Quick Find1 Raffle Ticket Holders1 Raffles1 reading import1 Reading list link1 Reading Metrics1 Reading Programs1 Re-Draw Winners1 Refresher1 Register Early1 Registration Prize1 Reimbursing Points for Unwanted Prizes1 Repeatable Activities1 require parent account activation1 Requiring Book Title and Author1 Responses1 Reviews1 Rules1 Save Reports1 Scanning Books1 Schedule Drawings1 Schedule Reports1 School1 School District1 School Name1 Secret Code1 seeing all participants1 Seeing Badges1 Seeing Book Reviews1 seeing prizes1 Send Emails to All Participants1 setting up email1 Share Mission1 SIP II1 SIP21 site url1 SMTP Interface1 Social Media1 Streaks1 support1 Survey1 Surveys1 Switch to Advanced Screen1 Tasks1 Teacher1 Testing1 Testing Programs1 ticket1 Tickets Purchased1 Titles1 toolbars1 Toolkit1 Total Books Read1 Total Minutes Read1 Transfer Participants1 Translate Patron View1 Translation1 trophy1 Trouble Printing1 Turn Off Features1 Turning off Prize Pickup Notifications1 tutorial1 Unsubscribe1 update contact1 update welcome email1 Updating Badges1 Updating graphics1 Updating Missions1 Updating Reading Lists1 upload book list1 Uploading Pictures1 Users1 View in Catalog1 view prizes1 View scheduled jobs1 Virtual Events1 walk through1 web site1 Webinar1 Wrap Up1